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My neighborhood was hit very hard with a hailstorm in May of 2014, in Muncie, IN. After that, all of the contractors from across the country, it seemed, appeared on our doorsteps. At first, I did not think I had suffered enough damage to warrant bothering with repairs. All that I saw was one small area of my garage where hail bounced off the trash can and left scrape marks on the garage wall. ...I was naive!

While my across the street neighbor was getting repairs from Alliance Restoration and Consulting (ARAC), they walked over and offered to do a free inspection, and I reluctantly consented. Low and behold, they pointed out the considerable damage to my house--damage my untrained eyes did not notice. They also informed me as to the ""rules"" of insurance companies about when damage must be fixed, otherwise, if several years went by before the hail damage to the roof resulted in leaks, causing further damage to ceilings, I was out of luck when it comes to insurance paying for the damage. I was convinced that repairs must be tended to.

As I suspected, my neighbor had done his homework prior to hiring ARAC to do the repairs on his house, and I relied on his research into the company on their quality of work and reliability, over the other contractors arriving literally by the dozens. Therefore, I signed the contract with ARAC.

ARAC was present when my insurance adjuster arrived to provide an estimate of the damage, and thankfully, they scrutinized the estimate when it was prepared and presented to me. If I had been the only one to determine and negotiate these repairs, sadly, only about half of my house would be restored, resulting in a poor combination of new-old that would have looked horrible. They succeeded in getting the insurance adjuster back and negotiated their cost for doing the work, as well as convincing the insurance company to restore the entire house and garage so it would not look like a patchwork quilt.

The subcontractors for ARAC did a beautiful job, and especially for the roofers, they meticulously made sure that there were no nails or scraps left anywhere.

In the end, I got a new roof, siding, gutters and downspouts, and all of the ""trimmings,"" such as new decorative shutters and outdoor lights. The house looks beautiful--all the neighbors have commented! I did not have a lot of ready cash for my insurance deductable, but they worked with me to my immense satisfaction and saved me a bunch of money.

I could not be happier with the work completed by ARAC. And, I must say that I really enjoyed Craig's diligent follow-up and checking in with me about the progress on my house, but better yet [sorry Craig!], was the watchful eye of his dad, Bill, who I now consider a friend. Bill stopped by the house frequently, sometimes daily, even after the completion of the work to double-check on on-going work and my satisfaction with the work after it was completed.

Hopefully, in a few years I will have the opportunity--the finances--to enclose my front porch or build a back porch. Without a doubt, ARAC will be my first choice of who to call, and despite my skeptical nature, I trust this family-based company!

Company's Response:

Thank you very much for the review and for helping us Roof It Forward! It is appreciated by the entire ARAC family!!

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