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Proper chimney flashing installation techniques
An improper chimney flashing can be a major source for leaking roofs. In colder climates especially the installation performed may prohibit water from entering at the chimney,...
Utilizing a proper starter shingle can prevent issues later on with your ro...
In today's roofing system many things have been design to make our system last long and protect our entire home. On of the issues older roofs face is with the first shingle...
Are birds pecking on your flat roofing or roof coating? We can help!
ARAC had a roof coating system that had some foam roof areas. The problem we had reoccuring is that birds would try to peck off the protective roof coating on these foam areas...
Roof Leak Repair in Zionsville, IN
This client called because they were experiencing leaks from the aluminum ridge vent on the top of their home. The ridge vent had been lifted due to severe wind storms. When...
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