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ARAC Roof It Forward Case Studies: Flat Roofing Products in Indiana by ARAC Roof It Forward.

Thursday, March 16th, 2017 by Craig Stevens


Many existing Indiana properties have what is termed as rolled roofing products on the flat roofing surfaces. Flat roofing is most generally refereed to on slopes less than a 3 /12 pitch. These systems traditionally fail after a short period of time. The reason for most failures is the installation process and products that have been used. The most typical type of products used have been the rolled roofing mineral surface materials. The products have been either placed by nailing them directly to the plywood decking or felt paper and the 3 inch laps are sealed with tar. The tar quickly breaks down and is not a seal for possible standing water. Currently codes nationally do not allow the rolled roofing to be installed under 1/12 pitches.


The perfect solution ARAC Roof It Forward has found is using a 2 ply system. The first system is a peel and stick product which applies directly to your decking surface. Then a second layer of a peel and stick product is applied directly to the first layer. This second layer has the protective color matching granules you typically find on your roofing shingles. This ensures your flat roofing system has two layer of roofing products that are fully adhered to the roof decking and each other.

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